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  1. The article you submit must be written in ENGLISH or HINDI.
  2. The article must be unique and you must have the right to publish it. If you are a ghost writer or submitting on behalf of an employer or contractor then you must include the name of the original author with the article.
  3. We DO NOT allow articles bought in bulk form and then submitted over to more than one websites. Before submitting the article you must make sure that the article is in your sole ownership. Violation of this rule will result in permanent ban from our website.
  4. We DO NOT allow badly formatted articles or articles with grammatical, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure mistakes. The article must be submitted in proper English and should be properly formatted and checked for the above mentioned mistakes twice.
  5. Profanity is highly discouraged on Bigfinder. We do not allow articles that contain promotion of or information on pornography/ explicit adult material, violence, escort services etc. We also DO NOT allow articles that contain excessive bold words.
  6. We DO NOT allow hate speech, racial intolerance or articles containing degrading or insulting tone/ remarks against an individual or group, religion, sect or race etc. Articles supporting terrorism and other negative activities are also not allowed.
  7. We DO NOT allow negative marketing against another company or one’s competitors.
  8. We DO NOT allow articles that contain content related to violation of law or contents that intrude into other people’s legal rights.
  9. We DO NOT allow advertisement of illegal products (i.e., sales of prescription or illicit drugs, steroid use, tobacco, marijuana, cannabis, alcohol, wine, beer, weapons, ammunition, replicas, etc).
  10. We DO NOT allow articles that contain video streaming, movie download links . This also includes information on illegal movie downloads.
  11. We DO NOT allow articles that contain information related to hacking, cracking or retrieving passwords illegally etc.
  12. We DO NOT allow authors to re-submit the same article again. Articles that contain the same content but with a few words changed/ re-phrased will not be published. We will ban the authors if they break this rule and this act is repeated.
  13. We DO NOT allow articles that promote/ support the following as a positive thing:
    Bulk email spamming, safe lists and PLR (Private Label Rights) articles
    Click fraud, clicking on Adsense ads
    Making MFA (Made For Adsense) websites
    Adsense Arbitrage